2000 Ford Taurus - Check Engine Code

BBEVAP Check Engine Code from Autozone

Any suggestions on what we should try?

The cause could be anything from a loose gas cap, to a bad gas cap, to a bad hose in the Evaporative Emissions System, to a bad solenoid on a vent valve in that system, to a contaminated carbon canister.

I have listed these possibilities in the order of increasing cost, so try the free one (loose gas cap) first, and then move on. However, don’t just throw parts at it. You should really have this looked at by a mechanic familiar with evaporative emissions systems.

For your sake, I hope that it isn’t the carbon canister, as this repair can cost somewhere in the area of $300.-$400. If it does turn out to be the carbon canister, remember to stop filling the gas tank when the pump first clicks off, otherwise you will be putting another $300. carbon canister in the car next year.

Well, we know it is not a loose gas cap. We will move on to the bad gas cap. Do I buy an original Ford gas cap from the dealer or can I just pick one up at an auto store?

Any idea how much a gas cap cost? Thanks

Don’t discount the loose gas cap just yet. After reinstalling it properly, it can take a few “driving cycles” for the Check Engine Light to go out.

If you do decide to try a new cap, I suggest that you get one from the Ford dealer. I do not trust aftermarket gas caps and some people on this board have reported problems with aftermarket caps.