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OBD II Anaylzer - Actron or Equus?

Received an Amazon gift certificate and would like to get an OBD II analyzer. I have about $150 to spend. Any thoughs on one brand vs. the other? Which model and/or features are desirable?


I found this review, seems like a good comparison

I bought the Equus because it supported all of the protocols and has some of the advanced features not found in a typical reader/eraser.

Which Equus model did you get?

It’s been a couple of years since I bought it. I’m pretty sure it’s the 3100 or 3110. Already paid for itself a couple of times over. The newer models appear to be even more capable but they’re a bit more pricey.

OK. The customer reviews for both on Amazon are positive, with the Equus seeming to have better PC software included. Sounds like a good Bday suggestion to give the wife!