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Car MD

Has anyone purchased the diagnostic tool Car MD ? If so what are your thoughts positive or negative

Bottom line, it is a glorified code reader. But, unlike the Actron code readers at the local auto parts store, it will not clear the codes. The webpage and advertising I’ve seen are pretty slick, but the device itself is worthless to me without a ‘clear codes’ function.

Here’s a review by PC Magazine on the Car MD. The extension cable for extra $$ bothers me too. Some of these ODB-II slots are not in good locations for a direct connection from such a device.

Just use the search feature - its been discussed before more than once.

It will read codes, I believe that it can capture some realtime data, and does hook you up to a database of info. Some use can be gotten out of it and it probably isn’t overpriced.

But the company should be sued for false advertising. It does NOT even slightly do everything that the multiple thousand $$ machines can do. It is also the case that NONE of these machines - whether you pay $100 or $10,000 can do what this thing tries to imply that it does.

I also promise you that most mechanics know this and those fabricated pictures of people standing with mechanics studying the car MD printout while smiling and nodding is also complete BS. I don’t have a shop. But if I did and someone came in with their CarMD print out claiming to know what is wrong I’d send them elsewhere.

I would not bother with it.

Cig, How Do You Search This Site Now, In Light Of The Recent "Improvements" ?


Its stuck, almost hidden, in that column of stuff on the right - down among the stuff under the “Ask a Question” button. Its a “Google” branded search box.

I like the old one better.

I have an old Actron, reads and erases codes. After this Po420 problem, I just ordered an EQuus 3140, I think it is, from Amazon, around $216 with cable and extra book. My wife will bring it back in July when she goes to visit her grandson. I assume it will last a long time, and then I can see what is happening in that thing.