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Scan Tool Choice

I’m lucky enough to have a side job lined up that will afford me (poor college student) the money to purchase an OBDII scan-tool. The one I want is the Snapon Solus (http://www…s/soluspro). Sadly I won’t be in a position to be able to afford that for quite a while.

I have been doing my own auto work for many years now, and think I have progressed to a point where I could actually benefit from owning one. As a substitute for the Solus I was thinking of an Actron. Specifically the CP9580 ( looked appealing, and I have found it for much cheaper than MSRP listed. The operators manuel says it can be used for “Diagnostic Monitor Tests” and “On-Board Systems tests” Pgs. 4-32 thru 4-35. (http://www…_16364.pdf). I would like the ability to do these tests.

So… I guess my question is this. Will this scanner do things such as “command on an accessory or relay” and has anyone had any experience with an Actron scanner (not just code reader) and were you satisfied? WIll I be satisfied with this tool based on my description of what I want out of it?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am planning on calling Actron tomorrow and asking them the same question. I just wanted an independent review. I will also post what they say about it.

I HIGHLY recommend autoenginuity. It is a laptop based scanner. You can purchase the base product and add the enhanced modules as you can afford them. I have found this system to be superior to the Snap On scanners I’ve used. I’ve used the “brick”, Modis and also the Verus and still prefer autoenginuity. Check it out:

I have this one (Autoenginuity), and I too recommend it. It’s worked well for me. With the manufacturer specific add on, you can do all the things you mentioned.

Hmmm… Interesting.

The base program with the gm expansion pack is almost $500. That is more than I have at the moment. Maybe I should save up? Does anyone else have any experience with this tool? Now I’m beguining to second guess my choice.

P.S. Had to stay late at work today didn’t get a chance to call Actron.

Thank you for your replies. After much deliberation I have decided to go with autoenginuity. It seems like the best product for the money.