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Obama Slaps a 35% Tarrif On Chinese Tires

A step in the right direction.


The one thing I keep wondering is if any Americans are going to want to work in a textile mill or tire factory, but then again I will not buy an American flag made in China.

And China is already complaining to the WTO.

Just out of curiosity, is this same tarrif applied to tires from Japan, Korea, or Europe?

Why stop at tires? Let’s add everything else sold at Walmart to the list.


The Tariff only applies to China. Over 5000 United Rubber Workers have been laid off over the last couple of years and Chinese tire imports have skyrocketed to 35% of the U.S. market. According to the Free Trade Agreement they signed, that kind of disruption of the U.S. market will result in a tariff… Read the link…

I can hardly wait to see how Fox News will criticize this action.

Then they couldn’t have the motto “everyday low prices”

Also, isn’t this kinda like biting the hand that feeds you? Since he’s borrowed so much money from them to keep our country afloat.

Steel imported from China is next on the list…

I’m pretty sure that battle was already lost in the WTO a few years back.

Obama looks at “Free Trade” a little differently than Bush, Paulson and Greenspan did…

The Free Traders refuse to accept reality. The policies they tout have brought us to the brink of financial ruin. Free Trade is a SHAM when you allow a Communist, slave labor country to take over most of your heavy industry and manufacturing…You call that free market competition???

Hurray for Obama. I am surprised to see this here but that makes me happy for our country and its manufacturing base. Wealth is created by making things for sale from raw materials and land, not from shining each other’s shoes.

PS, I’d add that lawyers with their nose in the trough contribute nothing to wealth creation but that might make me look like a troll.

Schoolteachers, doctors, health care workers and similar facilitate wealth creation.

Factory workers, farmers and other similarly employed are wealth creators.

Wealth creation is vital for prosperity.

I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

Well put!
So, how will Fox “News” manage to make this morph into something bad for the US?

“Just out of curiosity, is this same tarrif applied to tires from Japan, Korea, or Europe?”

The article only said China. Why would it apply to any other importer? If there is a complaint against the other importers listed, I’m sure that the government will review them.

Well, it is the gubmint meddling in the economy…any ideologically pure right wing position should criticize it.

I’m not sure how my comment was read, but I was neither praising nor condemning anything. Several years back there were tariffs on imported steel. Complaints were filed w/ the WTO, and apparently there weren’t any kind of contract provisions to justify them (as there may be in the case of tires), and the US lost & away went the imported steel tariffs…if my memory serves. So I was just pointing out that steel might not be next as it was attempted already. Maybe something has changed.

The mainstream media picked up on this today and now it’s a “Trade War”…

Today, 1 in 5 tires sold in the U.S. are “Made In China”…

Did the American consumer benefit as textbook “free traders” will tell you, or was the cost savings absorbed by executive payrolls? Better known as Corporate Profits…

The other thing hitting the mainstream media was about the sudden price hike we will shortly find when buying tires.

Sooner or later this will come back as how disastrous it is for the govt to interfere in markets. It’ll probably end up being called a “hidden tax” on the consumer. The same people who celebrate it at one time for being anti-Chinese imports will then jump on that bandwagon.

Personally, I’d rather pay the extra $$. I don’t shop at WalMart either. In fact, I avoid all of the big box corporates to the greatest extent possible. It gets harder all of the time, but give me local business run by local folks, with profits that hang around the local area. There’s a lot of hidden cost that goes into all of those “low prices.” So I guess that’s just me saying, I don’t look forward to the insane babble that will come of limits on imports. Many will despise the thought of all of those Chinese imports even as they load up the WalMart cart.

I heard a report on this issue during my drive into work this morning. There are lots of tires made in China; mainstream companies have factories there. Cooper was the example used in the report. But it won’t affect them. It is the very cheap tires that may be sold with house brand names. The odds are that none of us would buy those tires anyway. Read your sidewall and see where your tires were made.

The headline could just have accurately read “Obama administration passes legislation raising the price of tires 35%, the additional cost to feed the federal coffers”. That extra money will be taken right out of our pockets and put right into the general fund.

This move will not cause manufacturing to return to our shores. It’ll just raise the taxes we pay, only this time through a tariff, and raise the cost of tires.

So, if China provides reliable cars at prices that people can finally afford, much as VW did 1/2 century ago, will we tariff them into oblivion? And who will benefit? Certainly not those poor people that could have finally afforded a decent car.

“So, if China provides reliable cars at prices that people can finally afford, much as VW did 1/2 century ago, will we tariff them into oblivion?”

Naaa… They’ll be badged ‘Saturn’. It’s an excellent match. Saturn needs someone to replace GM for the View, Sky, Aura, and Outlook. The Astra is an Opel; they’ll keep that. And if they got the Spring Hill, TN plant as part of the deal, they might start building cars there again. Maybe a nice Chery A3 - or an Eastar Cross.