O2 sensor cleaning solvents

Hi Everyone,
What solvents can I use to clean my oxygen sensor? Is mentholated spirits or mineral turpentine ok to do the job? What would you guys recommend?


There is nothing you can do to clean or re vitalize an oxygen sensor. If the signal from the sensor is low replace the sensor.

+1 to Steve’s post.

+3 here.

Step 2: Remove oxygen sensor.
Step 3: Install new oxygen sensor.

But let’s go back to step 1: Verify oxygen sensor has failed and needs replacement.

It’s not faulty or anything, but because I’ve got it out (installing extractors) I thought I may as well give it a clean.

How old is the sensor (years and miles)?

The car has done 240,000 km, but I think the sensor has been replaced before (looks ok). I bought the car second hand and it didn’t come with a service history. Should I bother with cleaning the sensor or just leave it and use it as is?

Normally I’d say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But since you already have it out anyway, you might as well put a new one in.

Keep the old one for a few weeks in case you have a problem. It’ll good to have a “known good” sensor to swap out if you get codes, to determine if it’s the new pipes causing them.

Replace it. They’re not that expensive.

the simple act of “cleaning” it may actually damage it, or make it inaccurate

Oxygen sensors are not meant to be cleaned. If there’s any doubt, replace it

By the way, many oxygen sensors have a date code on them