2015 Nissan Quest oxygen sensor

I have a Nissan Quest 2015 that I got a diagnostic on and result was oxygen sensor. I was told to clean it and it should be fine. The problem is, I’ve called multiple car repair shops that say you can’t clean them you have to replace them. Google says you can but most info is iffy at best. YouTube videos seem legit watching someone do it even for my make and model. So what’s the real answer? Can I clean them or do I need to just replace it?

Honestly, I think it’s more effective to just replace the sensors.

Before you start throwing parts (and money) at a problem, though, make sure it’s actually the sensor that’s causing the issue. Mechanics tend to be better equipped to make such a diagnosis.

The reason I mention that is you may start replacing oxygen sensors, and the diagnostic code will still be there. Meaning the problem wasn’t an oxygen sensor.


They’re replaced.


Post the actual numeric code and we can advise whether replacing it will work or not.

They can’t be cleaned. They are not that expensive and not always easy to remove so why not replace it?

So that is 3 of 3 posters for “replace”


4 for 4 replace. @ledhed75 brings a good point. There are a whole lot of O2 sensors that were needlessly replaced just because the trouble code had the word O2 sensor in it.


5 for 5, and be sure to use an OEM replacement. Engines are often finicky about this so no need to take a chance just to save a couple of bucks.

Rockauto has O2 sensors for your car ranging from$33 to $170, an OEM sensor would be on the higher side. A mechanic is going to charge a minimum of $100 labor to replace it. As you found no mechanic is going to risk their name on trying to clean it and risk an angry customer when it did not work. Take it to a good independent mechanic and have them look at it, it may or may not be the sensor.

Has the code been cleared? And the CEL came on again after the car was driven? And the same code was read again?

If No to any above, it’s premature to clean or replace anything.