2000 nissan maxima check engine light


As with some of your other Nissan owners I also have a check engine light that cycles on and off. My brother bought the car new and drove it 4 years and during that time the light came on and he had 2 different O2 sensors replaced to no avail. the light came back. Now in the time I have owner the car I have the same problem. Recently my mechanic ck’d the codes and the first time we ck’d it it said an O2 sensor in one bank. We reset the light and I waited until it came back on which it did and the code said another O2 sensor from a different bank. Do any of you have experience with this problem. I sure don’t want to replace sensors unnecessarily.


What are the actual codes? Saying it said the O2 sensor is insufficient to diagnose anything. There are like 36 different codes that involve the O2 sensor. Problems other than a bad 02 sensor can trigger some codes.

I hear a little bird singing, cheap, cheap, cheap.

You are cheaping out on this car. Fix the things that need to be fixed, and stop complaining about it.