Numerous attempts on repairing Kia Sedona

Over the last two months we have had our 2007 Kia Sedona at the dealership for the same issue…the check engine light comes on, goes off, flashes and the car bucks. One dealership read it as a misfire. Another replaced two emission coils and another reset codes. This is now the 4th time that this has happened. It has just been towed to a dealership. The MA lemon states that you can only file a lemon law suit if you have only had the car for a year and it has 15,000 miles or less. Any suggestions?

May I suggest an independent mechanic rather than the dealerships.

What codes is it continuing to throw…still a misfire, or something else?

We did take it to a mechanic and he reset the light but told us if it went off again we should take it to the dealership.

Not sure if at this point it is a misifire or something else. so far they have reset codes, replaced a throttle sensor and two emission coils.

That would be “ignition coils”

You are right…they were ignition coils that were replaced (# 2 and 4).

You need to get as much detail of the problem, as you can. Write the details down, on paper, as they happen. Such detail will help a mechanic find the cause of the problem.
In your detailed account, you need to state: What happens; How often it happens; How long it happens; What happens with other things, if any; What were the conditions when it happened: eg. during acceleration, or cruising, or deceleration, or idle; engine hot or cold; and anything else that’s different to how you expect the car to perform.
Give a copy (keep a copy) of all of the written information to the mechanic who will be doing the repair. Don’t trust the Service Writer to give the information to the mechanic…I don’t. If you can give the information to the mechanic, fine; otherwise, leave a copy taped to dash, with large letters saying (something like), “MECHANIC, OPEN THIS NOTE”.