Check engine light flashes until car restart

I have a 2008 Kia Sedona and just recently when I started it in the morning the check engine light began to flash and the car was idling rough. After restarting it twice the check engine light stopped flashing and the idle remains rough, but it’s not nearly as bad. This happens off and on now. I know this is a bad problem, I’m just wondering if someone can help me diagnose this. I’ve heard vaccuum leak to spark plugs to iacv valve. Can someone help me narrow my search. I’m happy to give more info if needed

First have the codes read and report them here.

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And remember, a flashing CEL means ‘you got a real problem, you could damage the engine if you keep driving’.


The catalytic converter could also be damaged. Either is expensive, so continuing to drive it could be a big mistake.