Now, you have the opportunity

… to buy a fake Jeep, made in India!
Apparently, these are now being sold in The US, although there are not very many dealers.

I seem to remember that during a “worst cars in the world” bit on Top Gear some years ago James May tested an Indian made Jeep copy and his opinion was that it was “appalling”.

If I remember right they’re something like 7/8th scale of the real Jeep too. Could be interesting given the average American waistline.

In the book entitled “The World’s Worst Cars”, one of the vehicles described is the Mahindra Indian Chief, which appears to be an earlier version of this fake Jeep. It was noted that the engine was a “noisy and slow” 2.1 liter Peugeot diesel, and that the build quality was “dire”.

A glance at the specification sheet shows a maximum road speed of 55 mph, and a maximum towing speed of 15 mph…

The Roxor is not so much a fake Jeep as one built under license. License granted back in WW2, for the original Willys Jeep. Mahindra claims that right is grandfathered and allows then to built and sell them. FCA sued to prevent the sale in the US. Apparently they lost.

Not road legal, 45 mph top speed, I’d take any side by side instead.

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I’ve seen a few now and they do look like fake jeep’s (particularly with the hard top option) but it only makes sense in it’s cheapest form. Even a windshield adds close to $1,000 to the price, never mind the other extras. Local dealer is a longtime motorcycle/power sports dealer, they’ve had one on display in the mall for awhile.

But Uncle Ted is hawking them. :wink:

With a zebra striped hood if you get the Nugent package $20,999 list (according to the local dealer’s site)

Is he still threatening to shoot any POTUS whom he doesn’t like?

I don’t know. I don’t pay much attention to Ted Nugent. I did see an ad somewhere with him extolling the Roxor, including the version named after him.