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Those knuckheads!

They just repeated the second half of last week’s show! The missing clothes puzzler and Kate were on last week, the solution to the missing clothes was on this week, and now they just repeated the puzzle and Kate is on again.

Guys! WTF!

That maybe your local station. Not all stations do their pledge drives at the same time so the pledge drive shows get shuffled around the regular shows. Your local station might have mixed up a tape or two.

I think Keith is right - it’s the local station, not C&C or their crew. I’ve heard the knuckleheads at my local station make goofs like this, even without pledge drives giving them cover. Heck, the local host during Morning Edition sometimes gets the days wrong, and rarely gets the weather even close to right, while others on the station have trouble getting the hour correct when they give the time.

My local station here in San Francisco does the same thing once in a while. The station’s programmer made a mistake and played the wrong segment is all. The Car Talk podcast is the work-a-round.