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Not your basic Little Deuce Coupe, but if I had a set of wings man I know she could fly!

Some cars just look fast even when they’re parked. Well, this is one of those, definitely!
The manufacturer, Koenigsegg, claims (while not proven, yet) its new Jesko model will go 300 mph!

As it would make a fun grocery getter and white is my favorite car color, I was thinking about getting one until I saw the sticker. I’m about $2,800,000 short in my car budget account. I’ll have to wait until reasonably priced used ones appear on Craig’s List.

Is there a limit on how fast a “street legal” car can go… and would 300 mph be that limit?

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You don’t need a 3 million dollar car to do this.The Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 1200 hp and a price tag of around $90,000 is capable of doing that.

And the Hellcat is a Chrysler product. Just your ur styl, @common_sense_answer.

Anyway, where do you get tires for that Koenigsegg that will not disintegrate when you get near 300 mph? Sure, NHRA cars get to 300, but in only takes a few seconds. How long would it take the Jesko to top out?

There is no legal limit. There are practical limits… tires - after 15 minutes at high speed they explode. Fuel consumption, empties the fuel tank in 12 minutes… so it saves the tires! Temperatures, engine coolant, differentials, transmission, pretty much everything. You can’t build enough cooling in to maintain speed.

But the real kicker - there is NO place to achieve that speed except on a test track!

Pretty sure the Hellcat won’t do 300 mph.

The Hellcat has 797 HP and will hit 195 mph

The Dodge Demon has 840 hp on 100 octane race gas and will hit 204 mph

Tuner Hennessey sells a tweaked Hellcat Redeye that makes 1200 hp that I calculate would go only 230 mph. Assuming you could actually get one and have it work properly… Hennessey has had some “issues” with these things

And none of these porky power-packs can STOP worth a darn either!

You can always add a RATO.

Oooo, Oooo, I think I figured that one out! I am familiar with JATO from airport days. It must be rocket assisted take-off, eh?