Not starting


1998 jeep wrangler slow cranking even on a charger all lights dim when attempting to start. All night charge all lights brights still slow crank lights dim and no start. Any Ideas? please help my son needs this to get to school every day.

thanks daniel


Problem solved----bad battery


Trouble is, you’re correcting a symptom not the cause.

Remove/clean thoroughly BOTH ends of the battery cables, replace wrench tight and lightly coat with dielectric grease.

Now, do a full load test on the charging system with a meter in hand.

I didn’t know the second post on the board was yours too, until I clicked on it. (No need to make separate posts to finalize)

At any rate, my answer still stands.


Agree rest of circuit should be checked, but battery should also have a load test. The last 3 battery failures I’ve had were just that.