Not hot enough

Gentlemen, my wife and I are in jolly old England in defense of the Colonies with the Air Force. The simple question is this: Where, within the cabin/on the dash? is the sensor hole for the cabin temperature? I have a feeling, as the cars is essentially medieval, it may be clogged by dust, spiders, or fluff of some sort. Oh, if it matters the car is of UK Spec.

Sincere thanks to you both for your service to our country.

I don’t know how accomodating garages are in England, although I’ve spent time there and I love England, but here in the states I usually ask the local dealer parts guy to look things like this up in their database and print me a copy of the diagram. They’re usually happy to do so.

Have a great tour.

Hey man, I didn’t see a year listed? Maybe I missed it?