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Not entirely a car question, but here we go

I wanted to get information on what the process of exporting a car from the United States to the United Kingdom is like, how much it costs, etc. For example, if I had to move to the United Kingdom and I wanted to bring my 08 Honda Accord with me, how tedious would it be for me to register it with another country? Sorry if I shouldn’t be asking these kinds of questions here. I know I should try the DMV, but they’re not open 24/7 like an online forum might be. I wanted to see if I could get a quick response.

I think you are asking the wrong people, but I must remind you that the United Kingdom is right hand drive. I know that Australia does not allow it, there you have to convert you vehicle. I do not know if England demands the same.

See if you can contact the British Embassy and get that particular information.

Thanks a lot for the response. Yeah, I wasn’t so sure if Car Talk would be the right place, but at the moment, it looked like the closest place to make the question. There are no DMV forums out there or anything like that.

But yeah, I’ll look into contacting the British Embassy but if anybody else that happens to come across this discussion has an answer that I can use, I’d definitely appreciate it.

Again, thanks for answering @ Wizard.