Importing my Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge

Does anyone know how to get a European Union manufactured, right hand steering, 2008 Fiat 500 through US Customs and registered in California? Does the car need the steering wheel moved to the left side of the car??!! Help!

why dont you buy a left hand drive one from italy?

To do this, especially in California, is waaaay more trouble than it’s worth, potentially impossible.

I already purchased this car in England and it’s financed in America. The UK DMV is telling me I can’t legally sell this car because there is foreign title holder. I know this isn’t worth it, but I’m stuck!

Stuck or not, it will sit in customs for a very long time if you decide to bring it into the US and certefy it. I predict your total cost to get it there will EXCEED what you paid for it. I would try to sell it to a movie studio as a prop. It will not need to be licensed that way.

I’ve tried to help a number of friends and aqaintances over the years, with some success, but your car, as others have pointed out, would be exceedingly difficult and expensive in relation to its value. Once you get it here and running, you will virtually be your own mechanic.

Of course, paying off the $20,000 loan is an option, if I had $20k. I seem to be stuck.

hmm…do you have any sympathetic souces of a short-term ‘bridge loan’ available that would enable you to get the car retitled in GB, then sold?

Apparently you were not aware of your move the Cali when you bought your Fiat. Is this a job move? Your dilemma might come under the relocation expense umbrella. See if your employer might chip in a bit to help defray the cost of selling it if that is the case.

This is going to be way more trouble than it’s worth. The car has not been test in the U.S. for safety and emissions. So it can’t be registered here. What you can do is import it as show car, and try to sell it here to a collector. But it would be easier to try tp talk the UK DMV to let you sell it.

I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is there’s no way you can get that car into the states unless you use a race car clause, but that means you can never use it on the street-period. The good news is Fiat is thinking of bringing this car to the U.S. in two years so you may get the car after all.

If you are not a US citizen, you can import and use your 500 for 1 year only in the USA. After 1 year it has to be exported or destroyed. I have no idea about about the registration requirements. As far as the RHD thing, you do not have to move it.

Back during the 60’s, my grandpa had an old Fiat 500 that he ended up selling to a country club for use as a golf cart. Maybe they need a new one.