(Not a 2024) Lexus RX 330 - Bad compressors

I’ve had two compressors and condensers installed in the past year and still no cold air

2024 Lexus RX 330

I guess that is a typo since a 2024 has not been released yet (that I can see)???

A little more info is needed, like correct vehicle info please… Why was the OEM AC components replaced?? wreck, leaking etc ??

Is the A/C indicator light flashing? There was a problem with the A/C amplifiers on those vehicles. The A/C amplifier controls the compressor clutch and HVAC unit.

Are you using an A/C specialist shop? If not, try one of those for the next repair attempt. They’ll know what to measure to determine what’s causing the problem. I’m guessing for the past repair attempts , the shops are making educated guesses what the actual A/C problem is. You need a shop that takes observations and measurements to identify the root cause.