Replaced spark plugs on 05 Lexus ES330 causes a/c issues?

A friend replaced my spark plugs on my 2005 Lexus ES330, it was quite difficult to get to the back plugs. Had to remove air filter, throttle body, intake, etc. Before tune up, the ac worked perfect, afterwards compressor is kicking on/off when in idle and only blows cold when I am accelerating. Could something he put back in place have caused this? I am at a loss.

Normally I would say no, that replacing spark plugs would have nothing to do with your A/C working.

But… if you had to remove that much stuff, the chances of messing something up do increase some.

I’d say it’s possible.

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The calibration of the throttle body has been disturbed and the engine is idling too slow. With time the idle speed will correct itself however if you clean the throttle body the engine should idle normal.

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Did any coolant need to be drained to remove the intake/throttle body? If so, make sure the coolant level is correct, and that the correct coolant air bleeding procedure was done after everything got put back together. Good idea to also verify the dash coolant temperature gauge is reading the same temperature as before, and radiator fans are spinning when the AC compressor is on.

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Just some food for thought, but what about the possibility of a vacuum leak? That could cause a low idle and A/C issues. Vacuum line loose/split or maybe a leak at the intake seeing as how that was removed.

Were you charged for a new intake gasket set? Surely he wouldn’t reuse the intake gaskets. Hopefully.

Simple enough to check with a vacuum gauge although that will not tell you where any vacuum leak is at. It will only show there is a vacuum leak; if one exists.

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Thanks! I think replacing an ignition coil has fixed the problem. However, we did have to recharge it with freon too. Just weird that everything is happening at once.