Normal temp?

My 2005 Malibu runs around 200 degrees after driving my car for pizza delivery for few hours. When I idle it goes to 225 then drops to 205 and same cycle goes on. For the first hour it runs around 190 even when idle. I assume it is normal ? What temp should I concern? Btw when I am driving temp is around 190 as there is air flow I guess or I am giving gas because I noticed after my water pump replaced when I gave gas from 0 mph I could hear water flowing.

It sounds like the cooling system has air trapped in it.

Bring it to a shop, and ask that they purge any air out of the cooling system.


You shouldn’t hear any sound from the coolant flowing. If you do hear a sort of gurgling or trickling sound, almost certainly there’s an air bubble somewhere, as posted above. On my Corolla the normal operating temp per the dash display is around 180-190, but in low speed traffic or idling it will go to 210-215 degrees and then the cooling fan kicks on & brings it back to 190.

I don’t hear any noise it happened only for few minutes after I got the car from repair shop.