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Noisy Lifters after an Oil Change

I just had my oil changed and now the lifter are noisy and the oil light is on.

The “shop” that changed the oil has no answers except to have a mechanic look at it and if its their fault they will pay.

Any ideas on the cause?

Wonder if the right filter was used…or a real cheap filter.

Is there any oil in it right now??? Where is it reading on the dipstick??


Oil light and lifter noise means no oil. If you’ve driven it, engine likely toast.

First step is raise the hood and make sure there’s any oil to even check.

Just offhand, sounds like someone forgot to add the oil and based on the way the complaint is worded it sounds like a fast lube facility screwup.

How long did you drive it with the oil light on?

I didn’t see the part about oil-light coming on…Sounds like the car is low on oil.

Until I focused on the part about the oil light, my thought was that perhaps a lifter had collapsed from having started the engine before it was refilled with oil. Now, I agree that it sure sounds like the car has very little oil in the crankcase.

If, as most of us suspect, this was another “Jiffy Lube screw-up”, it just serves to reinforce the question, “Why would anyone go to these places?”. They are not cheap, and they consistently show a lack of competence.

The only advantage that a quick lube place has is the convenience factor. As long as someone can plan more than a few hours ahead of time, it should be possible to use a REAL mechanic’s shop for maintenance. Surely the convenience factor should be secondary to the chance of having your engine or transmission or differential or brake hydraulic system ruined by the kids at these quick lube places.

The other question is why would anyone drive away with the oil light on?

Ezza, don’t start the engine even for a second until you open the hook and pull the dipstick - is there any oil on the dipstick at all? If not, call the place that did the oil change. They need to send someone with oil over to the car and fill it with oil BEFORE starting it. Either they never put the new oil in the motor, or something let all the oil leak out.

You must be sure there is oil in the motor before doing anything else.

Ezza has pulled a “post something that makes little sense and disapear”

I imagine that ‘Ezzachef’ checked the dip stick and saw the pan was dry. Now s/he is embarrassed to let us know.