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Nasty noise after a trip to a quick lube

Took my car in for an oil change a few days ago, and now i’ve started getting a nasty noise. I think it’s the lifters, but i’ve never heard that particular problem first hand. They did an oil change, discovered a small ATF fluid leak from the slightly dented pan, and talked me into a fuel system flush. There is a recording of the sound (surprisingly clear from my cell phone) at http://www…se/000.wav

If it is the lifters, what would i need to do, and is it okay for me to drive it while it’s doing this?any interpretaion and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Before you go another foot check all your fluid levels. Then bring the vehicle to a reputable independent shop and have it looked at.

Quickie lubes have been known to do some seriously bad errors. Incorrect fluids, incorrect filters, leaving fluids filled to improper levels, leaving untightened plugs in bung holes, lots of things. While this could be a coincidence, I’d strongly recommend getting everything checked out thoroughly. And avoid the quickie lubes.

I agree! Check all fluid levels NOW, before you drive the car another mile. It is NOT OK to drive this way. It sounds awful, and should NOT be making such nasty noises.

Find a real mechanic and stay away from quickie oil change places. Too many horror stories.

Just out of curiosity, is the oil pressure warning light on when the engine is running? How about the check engine light?

Your first step should be raising the hood and checking the engine oil level. That noise sounds like a rod bearing rather than a valve lifter to me and if so, this is the kiss of death for your engine.
If the engine oil is very low then adding oil is not going to fix this. It may quieten it down some but it has a very limited lifespan.

What kind of car and how many miles on it?

some extra info, It’s an '01 sebring with the 2.7L engine and 69,200 miles. A bit more about the noise: it comes and goes, and seems to only make noise below about 1500 RPM, and cahnges in engine load (uphill, accelerating etc…) can make it either start or stop. There are no warning lights on. the only warning lights i’ve ever had were for a misfire in 3, and about a month or so ago an over heat (faulty radiator cap cause low coolant)

First thing i did was check all the fluid levels, and the only one that was low was the transmission, and it only slightly ( i suppose they felt that since thee was a leak they didn’t need to top it). They didn’t mention low oil when i got the change, but i would be surprised if it was as i checked it a week or so before my visit to them and there is no oil leak. I haven’t checked filters, but everything else seems up to snuff. oh yeah, and i checked fluids again earlier today (just before my first post) and they are still fine, so i have to assume plugs re all back where they should be.

If it turns out the engine oil is low, do not drive the car. Instead, call the quick lube and speak to the manager. Explain the problem and insist in a kindly but firm way that they come out and see for themselves. Then insist that they foot the bill for any repairs that their error caused. You don’t need to threaten them, but remember that you can contact a lawyer to call them on your behalf to discuss the issue and that you can contact the Better Business Bureau and your State Attorney’s Office. I had a similar problem, though not as serious. The quick lube forgot to screw on the oil cap tightly and oil spewed onto my engine. The oil vaporized and billowed out from under the hood. I was near another garage, pulled in, and they assessed the damage. It turned out all I needed was new oil and an engine cleaning. The quick lube agreed over the phone to pay for everything and I didn’t even have to pay and then be reimbursed. There can be happy endings even wih bad beginnings.

“you can contact the Better Business Bureau”

Save your time. Contacting the BBB is essentially an exercise in futility and many of the franchises (yes, the national BBB office sells local franchise rights) charge a fee for filing a complaint that will go nowhere except into their files.

Yea, it should be named BFBB “Better FOR Business Bureau”

   Keep away from the quick change places.  We hear far too many horror stories about them.  Some may be fine, but many pay the help little, demand fast changes and that results in a high percentage of errors. Too many live by selling you something you don't need at inflated prices.  

Find a good local mechanic and stick with them for your needs.

Don't go to the quick lube places, even for directions.