Noisy hybrid

I drive a 2005 escape hybrid and its getting loud when under a load. It just had an engine change due to a oil change issue at my local dealer. It had 147k at the engine change and pushing 158k know. I was thinking exhaust but would like anther opinion. as you can see I am not thrilled with my dealership service. I also dive about 140miles a day to work here in Michigan if that helps.

If it turns out to be an exhaust leak, likely considering the mileage, any independent mechanic can fix it. You don’t have to go to a Ford dealer for something like this.

What did the dealer do to necessitate a new engine?

They pinched the oil filter bowl o-rings and on my model an early 2005 has only an idiot light that did not come on till it was to late. And I know and I don’t have to take it to a dealer but in my area there one of the few who have any time working on hybrids. I was down two weeks with a steering problem last year when I took it to my old local shop(where I liked to take my old chevy pickup).