2020 Hyundai Santa Fe - Noisy engine

very noisy from the engine on the front passenger side

2020, under warranty, take it to the dealership Monday morning.


It amazes me why people make the high $$ investment of a new car and for some reason or another want to fix a problem themselfs instead of using the warranty they payed for. :confused:


Maybe someone stole your catalytic convertor.

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I’ve had many people ask me for advice on their newish, still under warranty cars, and I’ve asked them the same question, and the answer has always been, " I don’t trust them, they’re thieves". Part of me wants to say " then why did you buy a car from them?", but I typically just shake my head and walk away.


I takes all kinds but if I have something with a warranty I will use after all I figured I paid for when I bought whatever it was why not use it.


People don’t want to repair their own vehicles; they want to have a discussion about their car problems and want to know how yours was resolved. Most members don’t repair their own vehicles, strange to think others want to learn how to repair an engine.

Most new vehicle owners with NVH complaints are never satisfied, the vehicle just isn’t as quiet as expected.


Is it noisy when driving or when standing still too? You could lift the hood and listen more closely to isolate the area the noise is coming from if you haven’t already. If it just happens when moving, does the noise change when you accelerate or turn? More information helps us isolate the noise so that you can describe it better when you go to the dealer.