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Noisy Drivetrain

My 2004 Colorado was heavily sideswiped several months ago. Among other damage, the frame was bent. After repairs were made and I got my truck back from the bodysip, I noticed a constant metallic scraping noise coming from the rear when moving forward under power. The noise gets worse after about 15 minutes when things have had a chance to warm up.

When looking under the vehicle,. I noticed that the driveshaft center support bearing had been repositioned and rewelded into place, and that the driveshaft support bearing was not in line with the driveshat. Does the bearing need to be exactly in line with the driveshaft? Is this a potentiual cause of this noise?

Your asking if a driveshaft alignment defect can cause a noise? I say no It can cause a vibration that could in the extreme make a very slight hum,but really no noise, vibration and the problems that come with vibration yes.

I’m going to disagree with oldschool up to a point (although I’m not keen to).

Driveshaft hanger bearings should be in-line due to the fact there is no U-joint to take up the difference in alignment. The U-joints at either end of the driveshaft won’t help reive strain at this point.

But you think its going to make the described noise? If there is scraping something is going to be shinny.