Driveshaft support

93 ford ranger 4.0 extended cab–the 2 piece driveshaft–which direction does the drive shaft support go [bearing]

one side is straight or flush–the other side is cupped outward

this is the 4th one in 2 yrs help don

Off the top of my head, I don’t know or remember. However, if you’re going through a center carrier every 6 months there is a serious unresolved issue here.

Incorrect installation, bad U-joints, bent driveshaft, worn out tailshaft bushing, etc. but if a tailshaft bushing was that bad the transmission should be puking fluid out the back.

Are you having a pro press them on? any chance you are damaging them during installation? Perhaps there is some type of pre-load required,just a guess.

Myself I would seek a driveshaft shop and explain,strange how specialized driveshaft work can get.

Just a guess guys, enlighten me if you will.

Being that the hanger is straight on one side and ‘cupped’ on the other would that not lead one to believe the ‘cupped’ side is the side for the driveshaft?

thanks guys–all u joints are good
the first 2 was put in backwards–the 3rd one was reversed,lasted 1 yr.
another problem is auto zone & oralley parts[mexico]this new one today has too much play in it,and lite roaring sound brand new

im taking off with 3 arm pully-no damage
running back on with holding nut-first 2 on backwards
3rd reversed 1yr
one today has too much play in bearing eight in. play–roaring


this is correct–new one today[ mexico ]has too much play in bearing its self