Buick LeSabre


My 2003 Buick Lesabre makes a “boink” sound nearly every time I start to move the car either backward or forward. It seems to be associated with a slight turn of the steering while starting to move. I think it is coming from the left front suspension. I have done a number of inspections and found nothing loose or anything that affects drivability. It does this noise once or twice each time I start up from a dead stop. Any ideas?


Could be a CV joint in the stub axle wearing.


I’m quite sure the noise is not from the CV joint. It sounds more like a strut spring being hit with a rubber mallet. Boink is the best way I can describe and it only does it once each time I start to move. After I am moving even five MPH it no longer happens until I come to a complete stop and start to turn as I move. I’ve sprayed white lithium grease at the strut spring ends where they are seated in the cupped retainers. I even greased the tie rod ends with neeedle grease point. I’ve tried turning the front wheels back and forth while stopped but the noise will not occur while stopped.