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Noise in my Toyota

I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla with 165,000 miles. Recently i’ve been experiencing a loud, thumping sound in the front of the vehicle. It comes and goes, but always happens when i have my foot on the gas pedal. The car sounds like i’m going over rumble strips. Usually when i’m on the beltway doing 70 mph. My mechanic is stumped! Please help!

Loose lug nuts or wheel cover come to mind, and are the easiest to check. Wheel or tire out of balance or the car’s alignment would be the next things to look at. CV joints round out the list and would probably be the most expensive fix, should that really be what’s wrong with it.

It might be struts or a CV joint. It’s definitely a front end problem, not something that should stump any decent mechanic with the vehicle in hand. Get another mechanic.