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1999 ford escort?

Hi, when I take a left or right turn I hear a noise. I don’t know what it could be. It’s sounds like it’s coming from the front tires, but I’m not sure. It could be related to the steering or maybe something else. Would bad shocks or struts cause this problem?

You’ll need to actually describe the noise.

The car is making a shhhh sound when you turn left or right.

the front tires sounds like they are rubbing when turning left or right

well, did you happen to look while someone else turned the wheel to see if you can see anything rubbing.

If it is a shhhh sound, my own first guess would be a not too abnormal sound of the power steering pump.

It sounds like the brake pads are coming in contact with the rotors while turning.

If anyone has done a front brake job on this vintage of Escort, they’ll know how cheap the front brake hardware was designed. And when these parts start falling apart from rust, the pads can come in contact with the rotors while turning.

Have the front brakes inspected to see if the pad/caliper hardware is intact.


Thanks for the reply, I will go and have it looked at.

I Have Driven 98 And 02 Escorts And Have Replaced Pads, Rotors And Hardware.
I have heard the sound as described.

I agree with your diagnosis of the sound, cause, and cheap hardware. The caliper bolts “became one” with the steel sleeves. I couldn’t get over the amount of rust on all the brake parts on these cars. I live in the salt belt, but those were really bad for rust, ridiculous.