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Noise coming from drum brakes

I have a 2008 Chevy Cobalt LT 154,000miles and when I brake there’s this haulting brake sound coming from the drum brake area. we just new shoes installed last year at Chevy dealership. What could be the problem?

It could be…

Not sure what you mean by a “haulting” sound but I’d suspect the new brake shoes. It may not affect the braking, you don’t say it does, it may just be annoying.

It may be a bearing issue on a car with this many miles but if it only occurs when braking, I’d think not.

Take it in and have a mechanic take a look to see that all is OK.

Maybe it’s howling.

Rear brakes can screech, howl, whatever, like disc brakes and the most common cause is the lack of lubrication on the dimples where the shoes slide across the backing plate. Drum brakes require lubrication on several friction points especially the backing plate dimples and the self adjuster mechanism.

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