Breaks always squeak when brake pedal is pressed and released

Hey, everybody.

I’ve been having some brake issues with my 06 Scion Xa. Whenever I press and release my brake pedal, it squeaks. Not even exaggerating, it sometimes sounds like a clown horn. Whenever I release the e-brake, it squeaks.

I adjusted the drums, and within two days the sound came back. Perhaps I didn’t do a good job? I took it to the mechanic and explained the situation. When I picked it up, they told me they cleaned and adjusted the drums. Less than a week the sound came back.

What could it possibly be? I recently changed the drums, disk still has a lot of life left.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Drum brakes rarely make noise. Did you change the shoes when you replaced the drums?

There are several places on the backing plate where the shoes rest against it. They may need a little smear of a grease like Sil-Glide.

I did not, could that be the issue?

Yes is very likely. The old shoes don’t quite fit the new drums. They need to wear-in to the new drum. New shoes would need this as well. The noises maynwell go away after a few miles.