Noise after having break work

I have a Dodge Caravan '06. I had break work done last Friday. Saturday evening I heard a noise, front passenger side tire that sounded as if if were flat than a noise sounding like metal was bouncing around inside the tire. My tire was not flat and it is worse at freeway speeds. What could be making that noise. I am concerned a bolt or something has come loose

Have you checked the lug nuts???
Don’t drive the vehicle until you have done this.

at the place that did the work now…what type of damage may have occured if it was the lug nuts?

Take it back and have them take wheel off because it is possible for the stud that the lug nut screws on has broke. The lug nuts could still be there then BAM! wheel falls off.

That scenario will give new meaning to “break” (sic) work.

thanks just got my typo brake work