No warm restart



89 mercedes 190E 2.6 Gas

I just got this car back up and running it had a bad wire to the ovp from the Ign sw now it start good cold but not warm but

I clean the spark plugs last night and it still wouldn’t restart warm but today it started good was missin just a bit

Then but after it warm up I try restarting it it started up fine I try that about 3 times then it stall and wouldn’t restart

I pull one plug out it look the same as the rest of them did last night it was a dry black color not oil andit had no gas smell

I clean it again and check for spark spark was real good


That dry black color is carbon. That comes from either burning oil or too much gas. Since it starts good cold but not warm, and it’s not a crusty grey buildup, it may be soot from too much gas.

Um…when was the last time you changed the ignition parts and the filters?
Are you burning oil?
Bear with my lack of familiarity, is this throttle body injected? Carbed?


the plugs are recent that all The car been siting the last few month wouldn’t run at all do to a bad wire to the ovp relay
when I got it going it had a high idle way to fast so try adjusting the idle at the cable I now been told you can’t do that but it idle good now so don’t know on that
it is a dirct inject unlike any car I seen before
I do feel you are right to much gas the black on the plugs is not oil this car used no oil


Based on what little info I was able to find (below), it does look like a direct injection system. I base that suspicion on the fuel distrbutor and the look of the injectors. But to be honest I don’t know anything about this system and know not how the idle and metering are controlled.

There are a few Mercedes guys that post here, so I’ll just bump the thread and we’ll both learn from them.


That link has alot of good info Thanks