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I posted this earlier but I’m doing this again just in case. I have a 2003 grand am that’s been getting harder and harder to start. I noticed it starts fine in the morning when it’s cool out but as day gets hotter, problem starts. Motor will not turn over. Have put in new spark plugs. Help!!

You probably need a starter motor. As they start to go, they will often show it the most when the motor is hot. As far as DIY repairs go, it’s pretty easy on many cars. Also check to make sure your engine is not running too hot.

First, we need to define some terms. You tell us that the engine “will not turn over”. That means that the starter is not turning the engine. Is that what you meant to indicate, or did you mean that the starter turns the engine but that the engine does not actually start and run on its own?

If the starter is not actually turning the engine, the most expensive spark plugs in the world will not help the situation. If the starter is not actually turning the engine, then the most likely sources of the problem are a dead battery, dirty/corroded/loose battery connections (at either end), a defective starter, or a defective ignition switch.

Another possibility to consider if the starter is actually not turning the engine when it is hot, is the phenomenon knows as “heat-soaked starter”. On some cars, installing a piece of insulation to shield the starter motor from exhaust heat will allow the starter to function as it should.

On the other hand, if the starter is turning the engine, but it fails to start, I would suggest that you check the fuel pressure regulator and/or the fuel pump.

So–does the starter actually turn the engine, or is the starter silent when this non-start condition takes place? The correct approach would be very different, depending upon which situation actually exists.

Dude, he said “Motor will not turn over”. I think he likely means that the motor won’t turn over. Which terms exactly need to be defined?

Hmmm…I think that you’re new around here, partner.

Based on MUCH past experience with people who post questions like this, I can tell you that, at least half the time, “not turning over” is not what is really taking place, and in fact, those people meant that the starter was turning, but the engine was not starting. As a result, we and the people posting questions have wasted much time on blind alleys.

In order to AVOID wasting everyone’s time, I now ask people to clarify what they mean by “not turning over”. If I was a betting man, I would be willing to wager some money that the OP actually meant that the starter turns the engine, but that the engine will not start and run on its own. Let’s see who is correct.

Sorry for confusion, I’m new to this. First off, I’m not a dude (I can almost here you say "it figures :slight_smile: ) And yes, you win the bet, the starter does turn engine, but engine will start and run. Except this morning because it was cool out.

just read my typo, engine will not start and run in the heat of day.

VDC Driver, I Was Going To Answer Robo With Information Explaining “Not Turning Over”.

I knew exactly where you were coming from and the question had to be asked and answered.

However he/she was talking to you, I think. I believe “Dude” was meant to be derogatory or at least it hit me that way.

Robo can learn by contributing and paying attention before jumping to conclusions. Robo’s inferential mistake was understandable, but “Dude”, not so much.


so, you still thing fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator? How do you check regulator?

Well, I stand corrected. I did use “Dude” in a derogatory, and possibly sexist way. I still don’t see how “not turning over” could be in any way unclear, and felt that the responder was being arrogant and condescending, but I am new to the forum, and will pay attention and try to learn from now on!

no problem, I didn’t take offense, to busy worrying over how much this problem is going to cost me!! :slight_smile:

Robo, You Were Talking To Mr. VDC Driver, Who Was Correct With His Helpful Questioning. That’s Who You Called “Dude”.

You were talking to Wishful Thinking when you wrongly assumed she was a he.
"Dude, he said “Motor will not turn over”. I think he likely means that the motor won’t turn over. Which terms exactly need to be defined?


My browser shows that the response was made to “VDCdriver”, which is what I intended. Am I wrong?


I will now accept your humble apology both for calling me “dude”, and for assuming that I did not understand the OP’s post.

By asking pertinent questions, I was not being rude or condescending to the OP. In fact, by asking for clarification, I was able to get to the source of the problem much more rapidly than if we just accepted the OP’s statements at face value.

As you may have figured out by now, I DID understand the OP’s question, and I was attempting to have him/her clarify it for everyone who might respond with a helpful suggestion. And, as you may also have figured out by now, I was correct that the OP was misusing the term “not turning over”. That is what comes from experience.

So, in response to your last post, yes you were wrong. You were not wrong in terms of the person to whom you responded, but you were very wrong/inappropriate in the way that you responded to me.

Please stay around, pay attention, and try not to jump to conclusions. You may wind up being able to contribute some helpful advice as I did for the OP in this thread, and as I usually do several times each day on this forum.