No spare tire?

  1. Don’t buy a Tesla
    2 Put run flat tires on your Tesla
    3 Buy a spare wheel and tire for your Tesla, stuff it in the trunk

Pick one, You are welcome.


Even if you call the motor club, all they will do is change the tire for you. If no tire, tow to the nearest shop. I rented one of those crazy looking three door models from Toyota or someone. First couldn’t figure out how to get the trunk open. Then discovered no spare but an inflator kit with foreign instructions on what to do. Of course that assumes you didn’t have a blow out or ruin the tire.

Not to change the subject but I was behind a couple Tesla’s over the past month and the thought that came to mind is how much the back window looks like a 51 Mercury. Nothing against a 51 Merc, they were great cars, but you’d expect a little more. Then from the VW pic above, danged if the back window doesn’t look similar.

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How banal! What manufacturer sells cars with spare tires these days?