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Why doesn’t my Kia have a spare tire?

why doesn’t my Kia have a spare tire? Isn’t this dangerous if you have a blowout? Should I buy a spare?

Spare tires are becoming a rarity and I think your Kia has roadside service for a time period. Look and see if you have space for a donut spare. But you don’t want a large object like a wheel and tire to fly into the back of your head in an accident if it just laying the cargo space.

This is in response to compliance to EPA standards. They have to eliminate weight in order to meet them.

Look in your owners manual under “tires” Does it say you have “run-flat” tires? Or do you have a can of tire sealer and a small air pump? Both are common solutions to not having a spare.

Be honest, when is the last time YOU changed a flat tire? Or had your spare mounted on the car?

If you really, really feel a need for a spare, carriers are availed for hitch receivers.