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No sound? Bad amp?

Hi folks. I need some help. I have a 2012 subaru outback premium 2.5I.

The audio is crackling or in and out or just out. It reminds me of a scratched CD. A little googling and the general consensus was that the amp is bad or going bad.

Where is the amp located? I can’t seem to find that, unless that and the stereo/display unit is one and the same. How do I get to it and replace it?

The reason i say its bad, outside of general consensus is that I bought this car at auction in which the back windshield was completely busted out and the front bashed in with some holes to leak water into the car. The auction does put like a platic covering over the broken glass but its not worth much. I think water leaked in and got to the amp.

If your car has the factory “Harmon-Kardon” head unit, the amp is under the front passenger seat.

If it’s not a “Harmon-Kardon” unit, you don’t have an amp.

If car sat without windshield and water got in, my guess is head unit is bad.

It doesn’t have H-K Audio. Also it seemed to belong to an older person and based on thr overall cleanliness off the car I would say that not much has ever been done.