No prime?

it feels like I lose the prime to my fuel pump with the power offfor several hours. bad pump or fuel line fittings

Check valve in fuel line.

Turn ignition to “ON,” wait 5 seconds for pump to prime system, then turn key to “START.”

A bad anti-drain back valve on the fuel pump assembly will cause this problem. If you can get the engine to start by cycling ignition switch on/off several times before starting the engine it points to a problem with the anti-drain back valve. Unfortunately, it requires replacement of the fuel pump assembly to remedy the problem.


How do you feel loss of fuel prime? What makes you think that? Is there a problem with starting?
When the engine is turned off, the fuel pressure will stay up for several minuets—maybe a half hour.
Normally, after you turn the ignition key to START, the fuel pump will run as long as the engine cranks; and, it will take 6 to 8 seconds to reach normal fuel pressure.
If you want full fuel pressure first, turn the ignition ON for 4 seconds, OFF, ON for 4 seconds, OFF, ON for 4 seconds, and then crank the engine.
The static fuel pressure can bleed off through the fuel pump, OR through the fuel pressure regulator, OR leaking fuel injectors, OR any other leak.

is the check valve at the pump or inline? in the past i didnt ave to wait the 5 seconds, i do that now cause it just cranks for 30 seconds before ignition