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No power when I change my failed motor mount

I have a 1998 Plymouth neon with 192k miles on it. It also has a failed motor mount but when I change it to the new mount, I have no power at all and my car makes an awful buzzing sound. When I try to start it, my engine cranks and cranks and cranks but it never turns over due to the fuel pump not getting the power it needs to do its job. What could be my problem?

How do you know it has no power when you can’t start the engine? The mount’s job is to hold the engine in place but allow it to move a little w/respect to the chassis, especially during accelerations which tend to twist the position of engine due to the inertial forces. It’s possible the mount is too loose, which is allowing the engine to twist more than it should, and that’s somehow affect the electrical power to the fuel pump. Maybe it is just the harness is getting pinched as the engine twists. Or in the process of replacing the pump the wire was misrouted.

I believe there is a harness ground wire that is bolted to the center engine mount bracket near the starter, if that is disconnected the PCM may not function.

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Cranking IS turning over. Sounds like you have a wiring problem.