1998 Plymouth Neon Motor and Transmission Mounts

Alright after figuring out that all that needed to be replaced on my Neon was a transaxle kickdown cable to get the transmission working, I have a new question for anyone who has had the same problem as I have come across with. I want to replace the motor mounts and transmission mounts, but when I search for the mounts online, I find the Front Motor Mount, Right Motor Mount, and the Transmission mount. I went to Chrysler yesterday, and he told me that there were actually 4 mounts altogether; 3 motor mounts and a transmission mount. I was wondering if anyone would be able to let me know how many mounts there are, and if possible knew of a place I could get the schematics to show me all four mounts.

Look it up on the net…you can see the exploded parts diagrams of this vehicle…

You have 3 motor mounts, A right upper mount, a lower right motor mount and a rear motor mount. You also have a transmission mount. 4 mounts in all

Thank you for all the help guys, sadly I won’t be able to have those done if I can’t get the car started. Got two new battery cables and put them on, now the car won’t start. No clicking, checked to see if it was getting volts to the starter and it says it is, so looks like I need a new starter.

If the starter worked before you replaced the cables, then I doubt the starter is bad. Check the grounds.