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No power to transmission?

My son has a 1997 Honda Accord- manual transmission. Recently he was driving and all of a sudden, the car started to lose power until it wouldn’t go. He sat for a little bit and started it again. It seemed to be running at speed consistent with acceleration when all of a sudden, it lost speed again and stopped. Took it to our mechanic- the problem didn’t happen at all to him and the result? An invoice and the same problem. Since my son was having to work third shift and the Honda couldn’t be trusted, he started using my car and his car has just been sitting. He is going to get another car and wants to sell the Honda. So, we started it up, took it for a spin, and 'lo and behold, it went into the same mode as before - as he gave it gas, it just wouldn’t go any faster. He got it back in the driveway, waited about 15 minutes and went to start it up. This time, nothing connected when put in gear to move it forward. YIKES, what’s wrong???

You’re describing what happens when a clutch becomes worn out.


Thank you for responding…We thought of that at first but this is like no power at all getting to the drivetrain

Yup! That’s because the clutch is slipping and not transfering engine power to the transmission.


Okidoki- I appreciate your evaluation. In your opinion, do you think it’s worth the cost then to repair in order to sell the vehicle? It’s a 97 and the body is excellent- has about 110,000 miles- interior very good for age also/

A Honda with 110,000 miles is well worth the cost of a clutch replacement, as long as ALL of the normal maintenance has been done according to “the book”–including the all-important timing belt.

A well-maintained Honda has much more life in it with only 110,000 on the odometer.

No need to sell the car just because it needs a new clutch! I would get an estimate from a good shop and fix it if the rest of the car is OK. The mileage is not excessive and the vehicle no doubt has a lot of life left in it.

No, the car has been maintained and not abused. I think a new timing belt was put on about 18 months ago and he has been using my vehicle for the last six months. My son is looking at a new vehicle (well, not brand new). He wants to sell the Honda as opposed to trade-in since he could probably get more money privately than on a trade, and then just pay that money on his new car loan. ( That is, all things considered, that’s why I was asking about whether the clutch replacement would be worth the time and expense, or just forget the repair and trade it in). By the way, what would be considered a reasonable estimate to repair the clutch if we go that route? Thank you- you are so kind to be answering all my questions.