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No Power steering

98 toyota tacoma 2.7. lost power steering, changed pump. filled with fluid still no power steering, bad pump? another problem, any thoughts

check for leaks, the hose or the ram. Or, could be a bad new part. Is the belt turning the pump or slipping? Power steering is fairly simple, as automotive systems go.

The problem might be with the rack and pinion assembly.

Inside the R&P assembly is a spool valve with teflon seals. If the seals or the spool valve bore are worn the hydraulic pressure can’t be directed in one direction or the other when the steering wheel is turned to provide steering assist. Instead the hydraulic pressure goes in both directions instead of one, and there’s no steering assist.


Thanks, my mecanic thinks the same. Had to break down and call him. Thought it would be a 2 hour job!! Have to let the pro’s do it!!