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No oil

test driving car, o ring flew off. no oil on stick, oil light did not come on. did it damage the engine?

Test driving? O-ring? You need to provide more information. MUCH more information.

There are no o-rings I know of that, if they “flew off” (bogus, totally bogus), would allow an engine to lose all of its oil. And if you’re test driving the car, it’s not your problem. It’s either the car dealer’s problem, or the car owner’s problem.

Please tell us what’s going on? Someone is giving someone (you) some really bad information, and I smell a scam.

Again, we need more information. Please be as detailed as you can, but give us more info.

These brief,detail challenged posts are unique to CarTalk.

Do you mean there’s another site on which people give you the information you need to answer their questions?

Let me re-write your question: You changed your oil and incorrectly installed the oil filter or installed the wrong oil filter… The rubber gasket blew out shortly after start-up and you lost most, but apparently not all, of your oil. You have since corrected the filter problem and refilled the engine with oil.

Assuming you still had SOME oil in the engine and you drove no great distance before correcting the problem, there is a good chance no damage was done…

On the TrailBlazer, Envoy Forum people really put a great effort in being very precise in their posts. I think it is our “leaders” commical show that leads people into being so “blazae” about their posts.

You register on that Forum and you get e-mails from senior menbers asking all about your experience level. They seem to want to know who is saying what. I am not saying that CarTalks very informal mood is bad,just different.

Very good Caddyman. I was having a real difficult time trying to figure out that one.

The cx-7 forum I’m on, most of it’s posters recommend buying an extended warranty. Something from Total Care or the Mazda plan. They even encourage aftermarket performance add-ons.
I try to instill some of the wisdom I’m acquired on here(no warranties, no modding, etc), and I’m probably the only one on there who thinks spending the money for all that could be put to better use.