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No oil pressure in my 74 F100

After a strange knocking sound left me stranded on my way to work one morning, a friend from work with car experience “helped” me fix my truck. He replaced the piston ring, oil filter, gasket on the oil pan and gave me an oil change. Sadly, the truck no longer has any oil pressure and I am unable to drive it again. I should say that the engine is from an 81 Lincoln Continental. Help…

I would suggest it may be time to let your old friend go, but if the your truck is a old friend you are not ready to give up on, or it has collector value, higher more than I would guess. then I suspect it will be a new engine again.

You really need to get it in the hands of a good mechanic with all the tools he/she needs to check it out. I doubt it this is going to be cheap.

If the friend replaced piston rings then he got involved in an engine tear down. In the process he didn’t make sure the oil pump was connected and hence no oil pressure.

If you had no oil pressure before the motor started knocking and left you stranded then it would seem your motor suffered severe damage. It isn’t worth the money to fix because too many parts are damaged.

You need a new, used, or rebuilt motor for your F100. Or someone needs to rebuild the current motor who has more skills than your friend.

Time to consider another truck, or finding another motor to put in the old '74.