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No more keys available for my Mercedes

Mercedes controls how many keys can be replaced on many of their vehicles as an anti-theft measure. Well, I’ve reached the end of the limit on my ML 320 (I think its 8 keys) and now the vehicle is useless without a $3-4k brain transplant. Anyone have a better solution to this issue? Thanks.

Look A Little Harder For Some Of Your Lost Keys.
What’s Up With All The Keys ?

What model-year is this vehicle ?


Perhaps you should do like the UN does with Kim Jong-Il: send Mercedes a strongly worded letter.

I think someone has misled you. You only need one key to steal a car.

If you’ve truly lost the other keys, their code can be removed from the computer, so they’re not taking up those 8 memory slots. All you should have to do is prove to them it’s not stolen (title, registration, your ID, something), and they should do the work you’re going to pay them to do.

I’m not positive how the Mercedes works, but some will require a working key to code any new keys. Maybe not on yours.

Why are you losing so many keys??

I’m not the original owner of this 1998 ML 320. I don’t know what the previous owner(s) have done with the keys. I have not actually “lost” any. I’ve still got all my old keys, they still work the door locks. The three keys I have, have all become electonically “damaged” and have lost their internal ID. The symtom is the car starts momentarily, and then imediately shuts off when the cars control module does not recognize the key. I have confirmed this with Mercedes, and sure enough when I’ve been able to purchase a replacement key from Mercedes (after proving car ownership) the new key works just fine. I electronically damaged the first key while getting my car jumped after a dead battery (connected cables to car with the key in the ignition), the next 2 keys have died for no known reason. Just one time they quit working. Maybe static discharge, unknown problem with the car itself that “shocks” the key? Just don’t know. The “local” Merdedes dealer (60 miles away) is very unsympathetic and explains all keys are made at one central facitlity (somewhere in Texas was mentioned) and there is strict corporate control of the key count. When they place the order for the key based upon my VIN number, the message returned is to the affect no more are allowed to be made. Their only suggestion is to replace the cars computer, door locks etc., and get a new allocation of keys, all for about 3-4 K. Logic or any avenue of rebutal does not seem to be available. Does any one know of a Mercedes Parts Department that might be more willing to pursue this with Mercedes or is more creative?

That sounds really frustrating. I am really sorry you have to deal with this and it would drive me insane. You seem to have kept your cool very well, especially with the doinks who have given you crap about losing your keys.
It might be time to find a lawyer friend to raise some heck for you. (Surely you are Facebook friends with somebody you graduated with who became a lawyer…) You have suffered damages at least in the amount of the value of the car (maybe even a new one) due to their refusal of service.
At any rate, it is utterly ridiculous and would make good radio or tv, so you should call in to Click and Clack, maybe contact your local news, etc. Good luck!

The Best or Nothing…Sounds like they have taken that to the extreme…Now you will have to grovel before the Benz corporate gods so you can drive your own car…beg them to reset your key allotment…

Sounds like they’re not really being very nice, either. Unfortunately, my only suggestion would be to call other Benz dealers, or even corporate and see what the heck’s going on. There’s really no reason for them to refuse making more keys for you…it’s your car now, not theirs, and if you’re willing to pay for them, no skin off their nose, right?

Good luck!

Isn’t this the part where someone says go to any good locksmith? Or is there something different about Mercedes keys? I’ve never had the new-fangled electrical keys.

This is one of many great reasons not to buy a Mercedes, new or used.

It sounds like the brain transplant would have been helpful before you bought the Mercedes :slight_smile: Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

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We aren’t Benz experts. Try this forum:

Read about others that need key replacement and ask questions. It seems that some locksmiths can do the job.