No left turn

is it common for '85 chevy S10 Blazers to stall while making a left turn?

Is is common for any vehicle that old to have problems. I would look at the battery cables (both ends of all cables) and the ground cable from the engine to the body, make sure they are all clean and tight. That likely will get it.

It can be if there’s a float problem.

I’d suggest a good carb guy look at it.

If I’m incorrect about the fuel system and it’s injected, then all I can say is “oops”!

My brother had this same problem with his 76 Volare’. Turned out to be a bad float.

GM was having a LOT of problems with their carbs back then. I rebuilt the carb on my 84 S-15. There were 2 different carbs for that vehicle. And about 20 variations of that carb for each type.

your the second person to suggest this. I’m grateful for your assistance and I’m curios what exactly I do to the float to make it perform better?

yes sir I can agree with you 100%. A bad ground can stall any car in a heartbeat. I’ll surely check this out to eliminate it as a possibility. thanks a million.

The float is INSIDE the carb. There is a small chamber (called a float bowl) inside the carb. Gas is fed in from the top. The float…actually floats in the bowl and as the float bowl fills up the float rises to the top and pushes in a little pin that stops the gas flow. Then as you use the gas the level goes down and the float goes down letting in more gas.

The problem here is as you turn left this is moving the gas around and the float is pushing up against the pin (actually called a seat) and stopping gas flow. The float should only stop the gas flow when the flow bowl gets full.

The fix is to rebuild the carb and replace the float. Or replace the carb with an aftermarket or rebuilt carb. I haven’t priced carbs in a while. Not sure what the prices are. When I rebuilt the carb on my 84 S-15 a rebuilt one was going for over $1000…if I had the E2SE model it was well over $3000. Rebuilt kit was only $50 (and that included the float).

thanks a million good buddy, this makes the most logical sense. I’ll get on this immediately.