76 Corvette dies during right turns

I have a 1976 Corvette and the engine dies during right hand turns and has done it once on a steep hill, it runs perfect during left turns. Any idea what might be causing this?

Are you the car owner completly without a theory? Have you made a underhood inspection looking for loose items,chaffed wires,give it a look over,maybe you can check the oil.

Assuming that year still used a carburetor, I wonder if the float level is too high (leaking and taking on gas). It’s been known to happen.

If it exhibits flooded conditions when it restarts, that might support the high float idea.

Possible faulty fuel delivery from the tank. Dirt/water?

Perhaps a loose or split vacuum hose.

The float in the Quadrajet is known to jam under high G-loads. The tiny float chamber then quickly runs out of gas and the car stalls. OR the distributor in these cars is a VERY tight fit and there might be enough flex in the frame and engine mounts to allow something to be put in a bind and short out. If the carb was flooding, it probably would not stall but instead would stagger and stumble and you might notice some black exhaust smoke.

Battery anchored down tightly? If not, maybe a shoddy cable connection or a faulty fusible link connection.

I vote for carb/float problem. What type carb? Original? When last worked on?