No Hot Air

I have a 1994 Chrysler New Yorker, and the air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working. It’s continually blowing hot air off the engine, which is nearly unbearable. I don’t care about getting the air conditioner fixed - I just want it to stop blowing hot air.

Today I got an oil change, and the guy there told me that to get it to stop blowing hot air, the whole temperature control system would likely have to be replaced, which would cost upwards of $1000.

It seems like it should take a lot less just to get the hot air from blowing. Couldn’t the fan just be unplugged. If anyone reading this is from Columbus, could you recommend someplace I could take it for a cheap, quick fix? Thank you.

Just to clarify: When you put the temperature selector to cold and the directional flow to A/C you get hot air correct?

That’s correct. There’s a display on the air conditioner that shows the current temperature, and sometimes it come on, but usually it does not. When it does not come on, hot air immediately begins to blow.

It sounds to me like either the heater control pannel is not closing the blend door or the electric motor to the blend door is failed in the hot position.
The blend door blocks air flow through the heater core and allows fresh air to be drawn in from the cowling(where the wipers are). It is controlled by an electric motor (see attached). It is common for this motor to fail. This would give you hot air blowing through the heater core at all times.
The blend door controller is located on the heater box behind the glove box. You might try feeling it while switching the temperature from hot to cold to see if you can feel it working.
Another option is to remove the controller and manually move the blend door back and forth to see if the heat shuts off.

Thanks for the info!