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2004 Odyssey a/c blowing hot air all the time

My 2004 Odyssey climate control is blowing hot air even when I set the controls to max cold. Not just outside type hot air but the heater is on to max hot air. Pushing the a/c off button does nothing. When I turn the a/c system on I can hear the motor’s rpm drop and I see the fan turn on. I think the system is still still getting cold because when I stop I can see condensation dripping under the vehicle. Any suggestions as to how to fix this or to at least get it to blow cold all the time? I’m in south Florida and summer is already here so I definitely don’t need the heater on?

You have a stuck blend door, so you still have air blowing thrugh the heater core. My advice is take it into a shop that knows honda’s and have them take a look… Eather the door is stuck (cheap fix), or the motor that controls the door is burned our ($$$ fix)… Good luck

You could install a bypass on your heater hoses so the hot coolant doesn’t even go into the heater core.

SOMETIMES, you can get at these heater / AC controls by removing the glove box…The 'Blend Door" is a control that directs the airflow through the heater core or A/C evaporator depending on how you set the dashboard controls…

In a fair number of cars, the dashboard must be removed to access these controls…