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03 toyota camry no heat

I just recently purchased a 2003 toyota camry from a family friend. They just had a new water pump put in and told me the only thing wrong with the car was that the heat wasn’t working. I noticed the coolant was a little low in the reservior tank so I topped it off and began checking for any possible leaks just to make sure that wasn’t the problem. I never found a leak. I flushed the heating core to make sure there was nothing clogging it and the cleaned out the blower motor. Everything under the hood seems to be in good shape and I can feel the heating system inside the car is hot to the touch, however I’m still not getting any heat through the vents in the car. The servo actuator motor isn’t working at all so I’ve ordered a new one, but could that be the only problem? I’ve manually moved the blend actuator flap but I still only get cold air. I’m at a loss, any recommendations would be appreciated.

With the fan on you get plenty of air blowing out the vents, but it is cold air only? Even though the heater core is hot to the touch? Seems like the source of the air coming out the vents isn’t from the heater core then.